Driving Workforce Development for Manufacturers in the Mohawk Valley

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Driving Workforce Development for Manufacturers in the Mohawk Valley, a man welding

New York State manufacturers face various challenges when forming a diverse and skilled workforce. Since 1987, output for manufacturers has grown more than 2.5 times, creating a industry with an additional 3.5 million manufacturing jobs waiting to be filled over the next ten years, according to the National Association of Manufacturers. The upcoming FuzeHub Solutions Forum will focus on these issues specifically, aid in driving workforce development, and ultimately connect New York State manufacturers with invaluable resources in the Mohawk Valley.
Forum attendees will be given the exclusive opportunity to meet one-on-one with regional workforce experts dedicated to building a skilled New York manufacturing workforce and form the collaborative partnerships that help manufacturers thrive. Most importantly, speakers will reassure regional manufacturers that there are high-quality, proficient, and diverse workforce candidates in the Mohawk Valley; expert panelist are standing by to support attendees in finding workforce solutions that meet their individual needs.
The event will open with Master of Ceremonies, NY MEP Solutions Director at FuzeHub, Everton H. Henriques. According to Henriques, the forum “will also highlight key issues in workforce in New York State and partner with MVCC to get the next cohort of potential workers to our manufacturing partners.” Next, attendees are welcomed by Franca Armstrong, the Associate Vice President of Workforce Development and Dean of the MVCC Rome Campus. Armstrong is passionate about sharing this “opportunity for local institutions, economic development agencies, workforce development and manufacturers to come together and share best practices and learn about each other’s needs.”
The keynote speakers will be David Dussault, CEO of P1 Holdings, Inc. and Denise Ball, a Workforce Development Specialist with Tooling U-SME. Attendees will be given the unparalleled opportunity to connect with industry professionals such as the Director at the Advanced Institute for Manufacturing (AIM), Cory Albrecht, plus panelist representatives from Revere Copper Products, Bartell Machinery Systems, Indium Corporation, Engage Forward and New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation. FuzeHub, MVCC, AIM and their partners, Mohawk Valley Edge and Working Solutions, along with more than nineteen other resources, will join with attending New York manufacturers, and welcome them into their network of experts and industry leaders.
For more information about this amazing event, visit https://fuzehub.com/workforce-solutionsforum-2/


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