From Oppenheimer to the Energy Transition

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Unlock the secrets of a successful family business and the evolution of power supply technology as host Steve Melito welcomes our special guest, Mark Kupferberg, owner of Kepco, Incorporated. Discover how Mark’s father and uncles, fresh from their groundbreaking work at Los Alamos, transformed their expertise into a pioneering company that’s been leading the power supply industry since 1946. Mark takes us through the remarkable history of Kepco, shedding light on the critical role power supplies play in converting alternating current to direct current for a variety of electronic devices. You’ll learn about Kepco’s innovative solutions to manufacturing bottlenecks and the strategic advantages of their US-based operations, from reduced lead times to top-notch quality and customer support.

This episode also offers a wealth of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Mark recounts the evolution of Kepco and shares valuable insights that are sure to motivate anyone looking to start their own business.

Don’t miss Mark’s inspiring story, Kepco’s significant contributions to advanced scientific research, and valuable information on how to jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey.

Listen to the podcast here.


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