FuzeHub Connections: CalvIO INc. and NYS STLC

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The New York State Science and Technology Law Center (NYS STLC) at Syracuse University College of Law has provided CalvIO Inc. of Webster, New York with an analysis of intellectual property (IP) issues surrounding a new technology being developed by the startup company. CalvIO is a separate business entity that was formed from Calvary Robotics in January 2017. The startup was connected with the NYS STLC as part of FuzeHub’s Solutions Program.
FuzeHub, New York State’s statewide Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center, is part of a state and national network that provides business and technical assistance to small-to-medium manufacturers. When CalvIO asked for IP expertise, FuzeHub connected the company to NYS STLC, which offers legal research, education, information, and support services to businesses, entrepreneurs, and universities.
Powered by NYSTAR
Both FuzeHub and NYS STLC are funded by NYSTAR, the well-known acronym for the Division of Science, Technology and Innovation within Empire State Development (ESD), New York State’s largest economic development organization. Since 2004, NYSTAR has designated Syracuse University College of Law as the New York State Science and Technology Law Center.
The services that CalvIO received were provided at no-cost to the company, which is creating a programmer-less environment for configuring and maintaining modular robotic work cells. Each summer, NYS STLC assists approximately 20 organizations under a NYSTAR grant. Second- and third-year law students perform research under the direction of law school faculty members. NYS STLC also works with companies during the academic year.
Summer Projects
“What’s different during the summer is that we have students working full-time on research for clients,” says Molly Zimmermann, Associate Director at NYS STLC. “The law students have completed courses in technology commercialization, and work up to 35 hours a week, often with other students interested in the program. They have experience with searching for patents and identifying regulatory issues. The students also meet twice a week with law school professors who serve as research advisors”.
For the CalvIO project, law school student Xiang (Tony) Qi compiled a 50-page report with a range of issues for the company to review. Qi, who will earn his J.D. from Syracuse University College of Law in 2018, researched both published and pending patents, as well as products and publications in the space. “It’s important to know the barriers to entering the market up front,” he explained.
At the end of the project, NYS STLC delivered its findings to Richard Capobianco, the lead engineer working with Jeff McCormack, Director of New Technologies at Calvary Robotics to. Other summer projects at NYS STLC included work for SUNY Binghamton, SUNY College of Optometry, and SUNY Stony Brook, all of which are part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system; several companies from around the state participating in the NEXUS Clean Energy Accelerator through High-Tech Rochester (HTR), the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) center for the Rochester region; and for a variety of startup companies.
Current Opportunities
“We have a million-dollar NYSTAR grant that lasts three years and provides for research costs,” Zimmermann says. During the academic year, when law students work part-time, NYSTAR covers the cost of student salaries up to 20 hours per week. “That means the cost of student labor is paid for,” she adds. For companies that are ready to apply now, there are also openings as soon as January 2018.
To learn more about how the FuzeHub Solutions Program can connect you to NYS STLC and other NYSTAR assets, request a consultation with a manufacturing expert.


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  1. We are almost ready to manufacture a desk top plant air purifier. I am working on the provisional patent application but could use some assistance including possibly a preliminary patent search. I need to submit it but have never done so personally and am short on cash though I can pay the application fee. Can someone at your group help? It would be very much appreciated. Our website is http://www.phytofilter.com and my name is Martin Mittelmark. We have been working on coming out with a product for 15 years and it would seem this unit fits the bill.
    Thank you very much

    1. Mr. Mittelmark,
      Thank you for reaching out! Your desktop plant air purifier sound like an amazing innovation. I will have Julianne and Steve reach out to you to see if there is anything we can do to help.
      Good Luck!

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