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FuzeHub Fundamentals Badge

FuzeHub Fundamentals provides startups and manufacturers with opportunities to learn about topics that are essential to their product development, manufacturing, and financial success. Participants who complete a specific course of instruction acquire valuable knowledge and earn a digital badge that they can display on their company’s website and social media profiles.

This badge indicates that a participant completed a particular program, but it’s more than just a sign of accomplishment. Each digital badge is also a signal to potential partners and investors. By demonstrating a commitment to excellence, a startup or manufacturer can showcase its readiness to engage and succeed. In other words, a badge provides that precious commodity called proof.

Hardware Prototyping Workshops

Last August, FuzeHub launched its FuzeHub Fundamentals program with a Hardware Prototyping Workshop at SUNY New Paltz in New Paltz, New York. This full-day, in-person event featured presentations by experts, hands-on exercises, and a tour of the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center. The topics included product design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, business development, marketing, and funding.

You can review the entire workshop agenda here, but how can you find out about the next FuzeHub Fundamentals event? The first step is to subscribe to our newsletter (if you haven’t already done so) and then invite your colleagues to do the same. You can also check the FuzeHub events page from time to time. By investing in your future, you can make 2024 the best year yet.


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