Introducing Empire State Manufacturing & Innovation

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Empire State Manufacturing & Innovation, a FuzeHub Periodical, Issue 1, Fall 2018

FuzeHub, the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program (NY MEP) center, is proud to introduce Empire State Manufacturing & Innovation, an annual periodical for and about New York State’s manufacturing and technology companies.

This publication will celebrate the advancements taking place every day in this state, with profiles of the innovators and features that highlight the capabilities, know-how, products, and processes that are defining the next generation of manufacturing. We’ll share insights from industry experts, in their own words, and information on the many resources available to you as you grow your business.

In the first issue, we take a look at New York’s vibrant manufacturing ecosystem; discuss Industry 4.0—what it is, who is doing it and how it is transforming the shop floor; introduce you to some of the faces of New York manufacturing; share a FuzeHub resource report on programs for New York manufacturers; and much more.

FuzeHub works with small and medium-sized manufacturers every day, so we know how busy innovators like you are. We promise that Empire State Manufacturing & Innovation is well worth the investment of your time. You will be informed, inspired and reminded that you are part of something very special. Between issues, you can keep that feeling going by visiting our website.

Read the first issue. 


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