Machine Vision: Quality Control 4.0

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Machine Vision: Quality Control 4.0

You may have heard of machine vision–using hardware and software systems to see and analyze your parts and processes–but do you really understand how it works and what it could mean for your business?
Now is the time to learn.  With the advent of big data and the sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms available today, vision systems can be programmed to recognize an extensive variety of features and flaws, thereby examining parts more efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively than ever before. Is it any wonder that many manufacturers are taking a new look at machine vision for handling their high-volume quality inspections?
If you would like a primer on the basics of machine vision, or even a refresher, watch the video presentation  by our MEP partners at Catalyst Connection.  The free webinar, entitled Machine Vision 101, will introduce you to the various types of machine vision, show you common inspection examples, and discuss such important considerations as optics, field of view, and lighting.
If you need help implementing a machine vision application, please reach out to FuzeHub for a connection to the right expertise.


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