NYS Advanced Robotics Alliance Interest Meeting

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Join the Industry and Technology leaders of the NYS Advanced Robotics Alliance (NYS-ARA) on October 22 and 23 in Syracuse, NY for an introductory and interest group meeting to learn more about Advanced Robotics, its implications for your business and how you can take part in shaping the NYS manufacturing roadmap for applications, needs and challenges.
The need for companies across all industries to adapt to changing consumer needs, fluctuating market demands and fast-evolving competition in a global marketplace has continued to push the limits of advanced robotics and automation as a key option for addressing the inherent changes and challenges faced by manufacturers today. The implementation of new and better processes, the demands for higher productivity, and the challenges associated with maintaining and developing a skilled workforce are some of the factors that have driven advanced robotics to the forefront of affordable solutions.
To learn more about the event click here.


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