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NYS Manufacturing Now: The College That Connects

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Herkimer College is ranked among the nation’s top two-year colleges in terms of transfer and graduation rates. With its 40+ associate degree and certificate programs, the college is educating the next generation of workers as they prepare for the jobs of the future. Not far from Herkimer College in Marcy, New York, Cree is building a semiconductor wafer fabrication facility that will supercharge the region’s economy.

William H. “Bill” McDonald, the associate dean of academic affairs for the Business, Health, Science and Technology Division, recently spoke with NYS Manufacturing Now about Herkimer College’s mission, Cree’s new construction, previous events with FuzeHub, and the winning combination of food, technology, and manufacturing in the Mohawk Valley.

Bill also underscored the importance of attending How the Mohawk Valley Feeds Innovation, a June 2nd event that’s sponsored by FuzeHub in partnership with Herkimer College and leading organizations.


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