Podcast: Revolutionizing PFAS Groundwater Remediation

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Could the very water we depend on be hiding a sinister secret? Dr. Michelle Crimi joins host Steve Melito for an eye-opening conversation about the environmental crisis posed by PFAS, a group of toxic chemicals known for their stubborn persistence in nature. In an engaging discussion, Dr. Crimi, an esteemed professor at Clarkson University and an environmental engineering innovator, breaks down the cutting-edge technology her team at RemWell is pioneering—tech that could clean up contaminated groundwater directly at the source and do it more efficiently than ever before.

Listen as we unravel the tale of RemWell’s journey from academic theory to pragmatic solution, spurred forward by crucial funding like the FuzeHub Commercialization Competition grant and EPA SBIR awards. This episode sheds light on the staggering potential of their passive capture water treatment system, a game-changer that not only catches the eye of the Department of Defense but could also turn the tide on water treatment costs, chopping annual expenses by a substantial 40%. If safeguarding our water supply is a cause you care about, this is a conversation you can’t afford to miss.

Listen to the podcast here.


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