Casestry Makes the Case for Print-on-Demand Manufacturing


Herkimer-based Casestry, LLC is a B2B print-on-demand (POD) fulfillment service that specializes in custom printing and personalization of smartphone/mobile phone cases, airpod cases, and other mobile tech accessories for online sellers.

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Jacob Rasmussen

The Challenge

The fabrication lab at Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) needed funding to acquire a high-end 3D scanning system in response to requests from its clients, including Casestry. Casestry needed the high-quality scans to shorten its production cycle. In addition, having the technology at MVCC would enable this critical step in their process to be handled locally.

The Solution

MVCC applied for a 2019 FuzeHub Manufacturing Grant and received $35,000. It used the money to purchase a high-end 3D scanning system.

Outcomes / The Impact

The scanner has enabled MVCC to work with a number of new clients, including a local company that makes linings for police helmets, and to offer additional services to Casestry. It also is integrating the technology into some mechanical engineering classes to arm students with some valuable skills. For Casestry, the project created both savings of time and operational costs, enabling the company to serve its customers more efficiently and effectively.

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