Z-AXIS Electrifies Its Digital Marketing


Z-AXIS of Phelps, New York provides electronic design and manufacturing services all under one roof. The ISO 9001:2015-certified company is committed to quality and seeks continuous improvement across the entire organization. To engage its customers and suppliers, Z-AXIS produces an in-depth video each month and distributes an e-newsletter. Over the past 10 years, Z-AXIS has created 90 videos and shared technical information with thousands of email recipients.

As a manufacturer, we have been partnering with FuzeHub for years. But it was only recently, and after attending their VERY informational marketing workshop, that we started using FuzeHub's Marketing Services. The team we work with has been very responsive and knowledgeable. And they treat our budget as though it was theirs. We can't say enough good things about our continued experiences with the FuzeHub Marketing Team.
Kimberly Danish
Sales / Marketing, Z-AXIS, Inc.

The Challenge

Z-AXIS wanted to elevate its digital marketing efforts to generate more website views and leads. The company had a skilled videographer and an established newsletter audience but recognized an opportunity to expand its reach through greater search engine optimization (SEO). Later, Z-AXIS wanted to improve the online store for Bear Power Supplies, a division of the company that operates from the same Rochester-area facility.

The Solution

Z-AXIS attended a FuzeHub Marketing Services workshop and received an award for a marketing project that funded an SEO assessment and several landing pages. The company then hired FuzeHub to make SEO improvements and create new content. Each month, FuzeHub meets with Z-AXIS and creates a video script and e-newsletter. These efforts have expanded Z-AXIS’ online reach, and FuzeHub has also worked with Bear Power Supplies to enhance its online store.

Outcomes / The Impact

With help from FuzeHub, Z-AXIS has increased traffic to the Z-AXIS and Bear Power Supplies websites in double-digit amounts. Both websites also receive higher-quality leads and have higher keyword rankings. In addition, Z-AXIS’ video efforts are now fully search-engine optimized. FuzeHub has also written several white papers for Z-AXIS that demonstrate the company’s considerable expertise in electronic design and manufacturing.

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