Schatz Bearing Rolls Past Its Competitors


Schatz Bearing Corporation is a leading supplier of standard and custom bearings to the aerospace industry. The Poughkeepsie, New York company also supplies thin section, angular contact, and other types of precision bearings to customers in the medical, semiconductor, robotics, and defense industries. Schatz had an existing website but wanted more leads to create additional sales opportunities.

I wanted to find experts to redesign my website who understood my business. FuzeHub’s experience made it easy to translate what we needed into a better path for buyers to find our products online. I recommend that any manufacturer who wants a better web presence should seek out FuzeHub.
Stephen D.E. Pomeroy, Ph.D.
President, Schatz Bearings

The Challenge

Many of Schatz’s products were online, but inadequate search engine optimization (SEO) limited customer discovery. Schatz was willing to engage a new web developer but wanted a smooth transition to a resource who could understand its technology and target market. At the same time, Schatz faced competition in the search engine rankings from large competitors with information-rich websites.

The Solution

Schatz attended a FuzeHub Marketing Services workshop and was referred to the Workforce Development Institute (WDI) for a potential grant. After receiving a WDI award, the company engaged FuzeHub for an SEO assessment and initial website improvements. Later, Schatz asked FuzeHub to redesign its website, add more products, and provide monthly marketing services with content creation.

Outcomes / The Impact

With help from FuzeHub, Schatz has improved its website traffic, search engine rankings, and number of leads. Reorganizing the website’s menus and adding more products also makes it easier for potential customers to find the precision bearings they need. Schatz continues to meet with FuzeHub each month and is now experimenting with video interviews to further stand-out from the competition.

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