Developing Next-Gen Air Quality Control Systems with TelosAir


TelosAir Corp (formerly Potsdam Sensors) is a Potsdam-based company that provides energy-efficient air quality solutions by combining advanced networked sensors with cloud-based machine learning/ artificial intelligence models. Its mesh-networked sensors are designed for easy deployment and seamless integration with building management systems to ensure desired air quality over an entire facility.

"The competition helped our commercialization efforts in several different ways. The funding was critical for us to build a prototype that was ready for pilot deployment. The funding was a critical bridge between phase 1 and phase 2 NSF small business grants and helped us gather necessary data to secure NSF STTR Phase 2 funding. Subsequently, guidance from FuzeHub has also helped us navigate the manufacturing ecosystem in New York for advancing the development of our sensors."
Suresh Dhaniyala

The Challenge

Suresh Dhaniyala, President of TelosAir, needed money to establish the company’s technology and develop a prototype of its device for demonstration to clients.

The Solution

“What was then Potsdam Sensors (now TeloSair Corp), applied for FuzeHub’s 2017 Commercialization Competition and won a $50,000 prize. It used the money for initial prototype development, building a validation prototype that demonstrated the sensor’s capability to hospital clients, for whom air quality control is of critical importance.

Outcomes / The Impact

The FuzeHub funding was crucial to TelosAir’s go-to-market plans, helping it develop a product for pilot installation in a hospital and positioning the company to secure vital funding from the National Science Foundation.

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