Electroskip Achieves FDA Approval for Biofeedback Innovation


Electroskip LLC, of Buffalo, is an FDA-registered medical device manufacturer commercializing patented technology for gait training and neuromuscular reeducation. Its flagship product, Eskiptrainer™ utilizes wireless, wearable footwear electronics (manufactured in Western NY) that generates auditory biofeedback and gait analytics to assist patients with walking disabilities.

"FuzeHub enabled Electroskip LLC and Canisius College to commercialize its technology and move from the lab to the marketplace in Western New York’s vibrant start-up community."
Jamie O’Neil

The Challenge

Jamie O’Neil, co-inventor and CEO of Electroskip and a professor at Canisius College, needed funding to complete a design for manufacturing (DFM) with Electroskip’s manufacturing partner, Buffalo-based K-Technologies, in order to be compliant with FDA design controls and build an initial beta user community. Additionally, Electroskip required consulting to sharpen its value proposition to customers, mainly physical therapy and prescribed exercise clinics.

The Solution

O’Neil, in his role as a Canisius professor, applied for a 2019 FuzeHub Manufacturing Grant and received $20,000. He used the money, along with matching funds from Electroskip, to secure exclusive licensing and establish a feasible manufacturing process with K-Technologies. In the following year, O’Neil applied for and received a $34,000 FuzeHub Manufacturing Grant which expanded manufacturing with K-Technologies, focused on FDA compliance, product usability, key features, and refinement of the key weakness of the existing design, the footbed sensors. The project funded by the second grant is ongoing.

Outcomes / The Impact

The patented technology developed at Canisius College and exclusively licensed by Electroskip was initially intended for use with electronic musicians and dancers. Through the FuzeHub grants, Electroskip LLC was able to pivot into the medical device sector, successfully completing FDA regulatory requirements, good manufacturing processes, and development of a sustainable business model. The company has hired two employees, both alumni of Canisius, and has enabled K-Technologies, which traditionally has focused on aerospace & defense manufacturing, to expand into the medical device industry.

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