Enetics, Inc., of Victor, N.Y., delivers complete solution packages for monitoring and managing energy-based IoT infrastructures, including data acquisition, recording, telemetry and analytics. Utilizing the existing wireless infrastructure and cloud technology, the company provides simple and reliable methods of monitoring grid performance and reliability for both the electrical and natural gas utility networks. About half of Enectics’ products are sold internationally.

"The funding provided by FuzeHub has enabled this innovative safety monitoring system to become a reality. Utilities are constantly seeking new ways to improve the safety and reliability of their grid networks. Enetics and RIT have risen to the challenge with a highly innovative yet affordable solution. This would not have happened without the help of FuzeHub."
Jeff Kramer

The Challenge

Following the successful nationwide Beta testing program of Enetics’ newly developed and patented GasComm® multi-variable natural gas monitoring system, President and CEO Jeff Kramer needed funding to support a plan to jump-start volume manufacturing and testing. The R&D systems used during the development process were not adequate for a scaled-up manufacturing effort.

The Solution

Rochester Institute of Technology, working with Enetics, applied for a 2019 FuzeHub Manufacturing Grant and was awarded $50,000. The money was used to design and build a novel test and calibration multi-instrument flow loop fixture that could simulate the actual flow, pressure, temperature, and moisture levels found in natural gas distribution networks. It enabled Enetics to manufacture and test higher volumes of product with very high accuracy and throughput.

Outcomes / The Impact

The Enetics GasComm® product family is now in the commercialization phase and volume orders are being accepted. Due to the fact that this monitoring system was developed with input from eight of the largest natural gas utilities in the U.S., Enetics expects significant growth over the next few years. To meet this expected demand, Enetics anticipates adding multiple production, engineering, and support personnel staff. Additional product demand will also require additional flow loop systems, leading to expanded facility requirements.

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