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Quikiks™ is a New York City footwear company that has developed the first fully-supportive, completely hands-free shoes. Its built-in Step-in-Go™ technology enables the back of the shoe to open wider allowing the individual to just slide their foot into the shoe which then automatically closes and secures once the foot is in place.  Similarly, a reverse kick of the heel on a hard surface opens the back of the shoe allowing the wearer to slide it off hands-free.

Through its on-line marketing efforts, Quikiks seeks to reach people with disabilities and their caregivers, as well as diabetics who want a shoe with features to accommodate foot swelling.

I am so excited that I discovered these shoes for my father, who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. - Quikiks Client
Steve Kaufman

The Challenge

Quikiks’ shoes incorporates their innovative Step-in-Go™ technology, but the company faces stiff competition in the growing marketplace for hands-free footwear. Many of Quikiks’ competitors use Google Ads, a form of paid search, so that their websites rank higher when potential buyers type a keyword like “hands-free sneakers.” Quikiks wanted to identify opportunities to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) its website using organic, or un-paid, search, which typically requires written content.

The Solution

FuzeHub provided Quikiks with an SEO Audit and Content Quick Start. The SEO Audit included keyword rankings, competitor comparisons, website issues and recommended improvements, and content ideas. This information was delivered in the form of an Excel workbook, and FuzeHub reviewed the data with Quikiks during a video call. The Content Quick Start consisted of two high-quality blog entries that FuzeHub wrote and that Quikiks can post to its website to improve SEO organically.

Outcomes / The Impact

With assistance from FuzeHub’s Marketing Services for Manufacturers, Quikiks now has actionable data that it can use in its on-line marketing efforts. By implementing the results of the SEO Audit, Quikiks can strengthen its relative position against competitors, including companies that may have significant budgets for Google Ads. Through its Content Quick Start, FuzeHub provided Quikiks with articles that can be used to “seed” a blog and grow SEO organically.

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