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Vigneri Chocolates Finds Simple Solution for Process Improvement Boosting Sales and Production


Vigneri Chocolate is a Rochester-based manufacturer and marketer of premium all-natural chocolate, including both finished products and intermediate ingredients.

"The support and attention we received from the FuzeHub partnership was a tremendous value to our small company and more than I imagined. It is very comforting to know that there are assets like this for us to utilize in New York State.”
Alex Vigneri

The Challenge

Alex Vigneri, CEO of Vigneri Chocolate, needed funding to optimize the company’s chocolate moulding line by utilizing vibration as opposed to manual hand tapping. The goal was to reduce the manual stress of employees, while increasing production speeds, volume and quality.

The Solution

Vigneri applied for a 2018 Innovation Incentive Prize and received $10,000. It used the money to purchase a depositor machine, critical technology that serves as the beginning stage of filling flexible style moulds as opposed to the industry standard polycarbonate stiff mould.

Outcomes / The Impact

The successful project improved Vigneri Chocolate’s process and increased its product portfolio, boosting sales and creating jobs and training opportunities.

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