Artificial Intelligence is finding a new workforce in NYS

Artificial Intelligence is Finding a New Workforce in New York

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Do you need employees? Yes, you do. Finding a diverse and skilled workforce is a leading challenge for New York State manufacturers. The organization Our Ability will host “Building a Manufacturing Distribution Workforce” on March 26, 2019 at Syracuse University. Tech giant Microsoft and other cutting edge resources working in the artificial intelligence (AI) space will help manufacturers realize their business outcomes more efficiently than ever. The event will include an …

Driving Workforce Development for Manufacturers in the Mohawk Valley, a man welding

Driving Workforce Development for Manufacturers in the Mohawk Valley

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New York State manufacturers face various challenges when forming a diverse and skilled workforce. Since 1987, output for manufacturers has grown more than 2.5 times, creating a industry with an additional 3.5 million manufacturing jobs waiting to be filled over the next ten years, according to the National Association of Manufacturers. The upcoming FuzeHub Solutions Forum will focus on these …

RAPID Transforming Process Industries, Workforce Development Project Call

RAPID issues workforce development project call

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Rapid Advancement in Process Intensification Deployment (RAPID), one of the Manufacturing USA Institutes, is leading the national effort to address gaps in science and technology in process intensification and modular manufacturing. As part of this broad effort, a call for proposals has been released for the development of a graduate level/professional engineer course that will support competencies in this area.

Woman at Augmented Reality Screen

Augmented Reality is transforming workforce training

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For an industry that is constantly pushing the envelope of advanced technology, manufacturing faces an enormous challenge when it comes to training and maintaining a skilled workforce. That’s where augmented reality (AR) comes into play. Read this recent article from to explore the ways that companies like Lockheed Martin and Unilever are making the most of this immersive computer …

factory workers in white lab suits and face masks, sitting on the chairs are producing tv sets with soldering irons under bright lamps

An outlook on the manufacturing workforce in NYS

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Manufacturing is one of the top seven sectors that account for the majority of employment in NYS. The industry as a whole is inevitably shaped by the status of the state’s labor force, including opportunities in workforce development and the ways in which an underutilized labor force may be brought to its full potential. The New York Association of Training & …