Introducing Innovative Solutions for NYS Manufacturers Publication

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Innovative solutions for NYS Manufacturers

FuzeHub, the state-wide New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program (NY MEP) center, is proud to introduce Innovative Solutions for NYS Manufacturers, a periodical about New York State’s network of Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) centers.
This publication introduces the regional MEP centers and highlights their unique capabilities that can help manufacturers in New York State thrive. You can read a profile on all 10 regional NY MEP centers and learn about the manufacturers they help, and how they help them. You will also learn how each MEP center impacts manufacturing and innovation in New York State.
FuzeHub works with small and medium-sized manufacturers every day, so we know how busy innovators like you are. We promise that Innovative Solutions for NYS Manufacturers is well worth the read. You will be informed, inspired and reminded that you are part of something very special. Between issues, you can keep that feeling going by visiting our website.
Read Innovative Solutions for NYS Manufacturers.


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