NYSTAR Asset Guide Covers Resources in Your Region and Beyond

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NYSTAR Asset Guide Covers Resources in Your Region and Beyond

Do you know what NYSTAR means, does, and how it can help you? NYSTAR is the Division of Science, Technology and Innovation within Empire State Development (ESD), New York State’s largest economic development organization. Through 75+ funded assets, NYSTAR supports world-class programming that can assist your company from start-up through maturity. FuzeHub, the statewide New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NY MEP) center, is one of these funded assets and can guide you through the entire NYSTAR network to find the expertise that you need.

For an overview of NYSTAR assets and links to where you can read more about them, FuzeHub invites you to download the 2021 NYSTAR Asset Guide. This free, full-color PDF guide begins with a map of the state’s economic development regions and describes categories of NYSTAR assets that include NY MEP centers,  Centers for Advanced Technology (CAT), and Centers of Excellence (COE). You’ll also read about the New York State Science and Technology Law Center (NYS STLC) and New York State Certified Business Incubators and Innovation Hot Spots.

The heart of the 2021 NYSTAR Asset Guide is a regional tour of NYSTAR assets. No matter where you live and work in New York State, you’re not far from a regional NY MEP center. All of the state’s economic development regions also have business incubators and hotspots, and most regions have CATs and COEs that are based at universities. Still, it doesn’t matter where you are in New York State. FuzeHub can help you make out-of-region connections to any of the NYSTAR assets you’ll read about. Download the guide to get started, and then request a consultation with FuzeHub’s Manufacturer Solutions Program.


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