FuzeHub Helps Tidy Tots Diapers Expand Manufacturing & Sales

Tidy Tots Diapers launched in June 2013 to manufacture environmentally-sensitive, user-friendly organic diapers that are based on patented technology.


Early sales via Amazon.com demonstrated the company’s promise, but Tidy Tots needed help to acquire new equipment, ramp up manufacturing and acquire additional market share within the $8-billion-per-year diaper industry.Tidy Tots’ founder and CEO Sandra Beck attended FuzeHub’s Capital Regions Solutions Forum event held as part of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s “Advanced Manufacturing Conference” with the following needs in mind:

  • Funding / additional capital
  • New manufacturing equipment
  • Business consulting, including tax counsel


By assembling and connecting Sandra directly to a team of experts, FuzeHub fostered fast resolution to the business and manufacturing challenges hampering Tidy Tots’ growth. FuzeHub
resource members met with Sandra and the CEO of Herkimer Industries and helped identify and apply for a grant for the purchase of new equipment and expanded production capacity to serve a larger segment of the diaper market.

FuzeHub also connected Tidy Tots to a nationally recognized creative firm specializing in targeted content and online marketing consulting services to implement a strategic plan designed to meet her needs affordably and effectively. Resource connections facilitated by FuzeHub were also able to address many of the financial aspects of her business, including tax related intricacies.

“The FuzeHub team has been instrumental in helping me find the resources necessary to scale up manufacturing, including a $48,000 grant, and as a result I expect to double my production in the near-term and access a much larger market segment. Answers that might take me weeks to obtain, they could ascertain with a single phone call.” –Sandra Beck, Founder and CEO, Tidy Tots Diapers

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