Hardware Prototyping Workshop

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Thank you for attending the Hardware Prototyping Workshop. We hope you gained valuable expertise through practical exercises to support your product design/build needs.

Below you will find worksheets, presentations, and other assets that were presented and provided during your workshop experience. If you have any questions or are looking for more information, please contact Eric Fasser at [email protected].

Thank you again for attending and we hope to see you at future FuzeHub events. Check out the event calendar here.

Hardware Prototyping Workshop Website Badge

For completing this workshop, in addition to your certificate, you’ve received a badge to add to your website. This badge indicates completion of our program and will link to a landing page with more information on the work you completed.

To add this badge to your website, please utilize the HTML code below. Simply copy ether the image backlinking code or the text backlinking code, go to the backend of your website, and paste the code into your website’s footer. If you’re having difficulty adding this to your site, feel free to contact Bri Campbell, FuzeHub’s Creative Design and Communications Specialist at [email protected].

HTML Code: 

Image Backlinking
<a href=’https://fuzehub.com/‘><img src=”https://fuzehub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/FHFundamentals-Badges.png” alt=”FuzeHub Fundamentals, Hardware Prototyping Workshop Completion Certificate” width=”150px”></a>
Text Backlinking
<a href=”https://fuzehub.com/“><p style=”max-width: 250px;”> We completed the FuzeHub Fundamentals Program’s Hardware Prototyping Workshop. Learn more about FuzeHub here.</p></a>

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