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FuzeHub hosts webinars throughout the year to help educate manufacturing and technology companies throughout New York State. From learning how to start up in the manufacturing sector to marketing your manufacturing business, there is a ton of information available from manufacturing industry experts to help your company succeed. Browse and watch past webinars below!

Webinar Date Description
The Manufacturer's Guide to FDA Regulations, Guidance and the Emergency Use Act    Date: Apr 2020 This webinar will present information on products regulated by the FDA and a brief description of the FDA clearance and approval process. We will also discuss how the Emergency Use Act and COVID-19 regulated Guidance can help manufacturers striving to produce medical devices during pandemic related shortages.
COVID-19 HR Guidance For Manufacturers    Date: Apr 2020 Manufacturers need answers to HR questions caused by the COVID-19 crisis. How do workers maintain "social Distancing and remain productive? Are split or staggered shifts recommended or required? Do you have questions regarding both the Federal and NYS sick leave programs?
Build4Scale NY: Grow Your Company's Productivity with Toyota Kata    Date: Apr 2020 In this Webinar, participants will discover how to leverage the “Improvement Kata” and “Coaching Kata” patterns that have helped Toyota develop their world renowned continuous improvement culture.
Build4Scale NY Webinar: Calculating Cost of Goods Sold Date: Feb 2020 Many start-up companies make the mistake of designing overly complex products that are expensive to manufacture and assemble at scale. This inflated cost can make your price point too high (costing you sales) or erode your profit margins. This webinar will show you how to accurately calculate your total product cost and develop an intelligent pro-forma cost as you look to scale-up production.
Build4Scale NY Webinar: What's Coming in 2020 Date: Jan 2020 New for 2020, FuzeHub’s Build4Scale NY program features monthly training events and new funding opportunities. We will discuss how membership in the program provides benefits that streamline your path to successfully commercializing your hardware product.
IoT Threats and Vulnerabilities Date: Dec 2019 Three of the largest engineering innovations for the next decade are based on sensors and communication: autonomous vehicles, implantable medical devices, and the smart grid. As a result, clearly, the major new security threats for the next decade will stem from, and target, these engineering systems.
Empire State advanced Robotics Alliance    Date: Dec 2019 A presentation by the FuzeHub and the Manufacturing Innovation Center formerly known as RPI CATS detailing benefits of engaging with the ARM Institute and participating in project calls.
Ransomware & Crypto Jacking Date: Nov 2019 Change your cyber security perspective to reduce your risk Ransomware and Crypto-Jacking attacks are growing at a breakneck pace. Cyber incidents involving ransomware happen on average over 6800 times each day. It is projected that this rate will rise to over 7800 infections per day by 2021.
Managing Risks and Complying with DFARS Date: Nov 2019 The requirements seem quite straight forward—to provide adequate security and report cyber incidents quickly—but we will discuss the details of what “adequate security” really entails.
Security Threats and Risks Date: Nov 2019 Threats to computers and information systems continue to grow as new threat vectors emerge with remarkable speed and regularity. In the cyber arena, unfortunately, the barriers to entry remain low, and the capacity and capabilities of adversaries are continually improving. In this webinar, we discuss existing and emerging threats to information systems, as well as key measures that can be instituted as a first level of defense.
Marketing for Manufacturers 2 Date: Jun 2019 It’s time to broaden your sales landscape by creating value and establishing yourself as a trusted expert. Tune into this webinar to hear from the marketing experts on how to tell your story, build momentum with existing customers, and attract and engage new prospects. Walk away with new techniques and tools to help you refine your inbound and outbound prospecting and succeed in sales.
Webinar: Marketing for Manufacturers Date: Apr 2019 Effective marketing for your manufacturing business begins with a plan. Tune in to this webinar to get a handle on key strategies that your team needs to differentiate your brand and establish an effective web presence. These are the initial steps in your marketing game plan that will help you illustrate your value and get your customers taking a step toward your ultimate goal—sales.
Groundbreaking Gaming Date: Feb 2019 Explore commercially successful and groundbreaking advances in digital gaming made possible by the New York State Centers of Excellence in Digital Game Development. You will become familiar with the ways in which they provide resources and mentorship to those entering the industry, assist established companies and developers, and grow the overall size of the New York State games industry and community.
Build Your Business Webinar Date: Jan 2019 Learn how these incubators and commercialization resources are helping farm, food, and beverage start-up companies and entrepreneurs throughout New York State to implement new technologies, understand new trends in food based businesses, explore funding opportunities and navigate the roadmap to success.
Building Your Startup in New York Date: Jun 2018 In this webinar, you'll get a guided overview of five NYSTAR-funded incubators. Find out how you can grow from connecting with this entrepreneurial ecosystem and bring your innovations to market.
Advanced Electronics B2B Webinar Series (Multiple Webinars) Date: Jun 2018 Learn about the power of trans-Atlantic supply chain connections in advanced electronics industries. Become engaged in an initiative to make B2B connections among clusters across Europe and North America, particularly New York State. This series will focus on specific advanced electronics industry areas, from autonomous operations to smart cities to health applications.
Innovate with the New York State Centers of Excellence Date: Mar 2018 For manufacturers looking to improve their bottom lines through reduced energy costs, or for technology companies developing innovative solutions in the areas of cleantech and sustainability, several New York State Centers of Excellence (COEs) can assist.
Lead the Way with Manufacturing USA Date: Feb 2018 Connect with people, ideas, and technology that will advance your manufacturing business through the Manufacturing USA institutes. In this webinar, you will hear from representatives of 5 of the Manufacturing USA institutes about how you can leverage their resources to accelerate your competitiveness.
Jumpstart Continuous Improvement in Your Manufacturing Business Date: Jan 2018 In this webinar, Beau Keyte and Brent Wahba, internationally recognized organizational change experts, introduce you to “Leverage Points” transformation methodology.
Optimizing Your Competitive Edge with High Tech Research Date: Aug 2017 This webinar provides an inside look at four of the NYSTAR Centers for Advanced Technology (CAT). Depending on your unique challenge, there are a variety of resources available to manufacturing businesses. Learn how the NYSTAR Centers for Advanced Technology encourage collaboration, support private industry and advance economic growth.
Information Security for Manufacturers Date: Jul 2017 Does your manufacturing business have an information security plan? No matter how big or small your company is, safeguarding your information assets is critical to your bottom line. Learn ways that you can take action now to prevent, detect and respond to data security vulnerabilities.
Content Marketing for Manufacturers Date: Apr 2017 Do you need help developing a content marketing strategy? If you’re a manufacturer, then this webinar from FuzeHub is for you. Learn what you’ll need at every stage of the way. The FuzeHub team works with New York State manufacturers and is ready to share its content marketing experience with you.
Manufacturing Extension Partnership in NYS Date: Mar 2017 Covers what the MEP system is, how it works, and how it can help your manufacturing business
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