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Beth Glassanos

FuzeHub Helps Tidy Tots Diapers Increase Production Tidy Tots Diapers launched in June 2013 to manufacture environmentally-sensitive, user-friendly organic diapers that are based on patented technology. Summary Since the last time FuzeHub had assisted Tidy Tots, they had seen a massive upswing in orders. This increase signaled Sandra’s need to intensify the manufacturing speed. Specifically, Tidy Tots had to quadruple …



Page Fronczek

FuzeHub Helps Calmetrics with Funding, Sourcing Materials & Research + Development Calmetrics Inc. of Holbrook, New York develops and manufactures certified reference standards for X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instruments used in the quantitative analysis of film thickness and material composition. The nine-person company was founded in 2002 and occupies a 3,300-square foot facility in Suffolk County on Long Island. Over 50% …


Fly Creek Cider Mill

Page Fronczek

FuzeHub Helps Fly Creek Cider Mill with Funding & Workforce Development The Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard uses a historic, water-power press to turn New York State-grown apples into sweet cider, hard ciders, and fruit wines. Specialty food products, many of which are made right at the Mill, are also sold on-site at the Mill and through their online …


Hydrolutions North America

Page Fronczek

FuzeHub Helps Hydrolutions North America with Funding, Sustainability & Testing Services Hydrolutions North America is a Long Island-based company that provides innovative and proven technology for Ecological Wastewater Treatment (EWT). While the company’s patented ecological wastewater treatment system has been deployed successfully over 10 years at more than 150 sites worldwide, including throughout Europe, it has yet to penetrate the U.S. …