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RAD Soap

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RAD Soap  Executive Summary RAD Soap Co. of Menands, NY makes a line of soaps, lotions and other skin care products from natural therapeutic ingredients, including hemp seed oil and chaga mushroom extracts. The family-owned company, which started in 2009 in Sue Kerber’s kitchen, uses a top-secret proprietary process to make the unique creations it sells through its Albany store …

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Tidy Tots

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FuzeHub Helps Tidy Tots Diapers Increase Production Tidy Tots Diapers launched in June 2013 to manufacture environmentally-sensitive, user-friendly organic diapers that are based on patented technology. Summary Since the last time FuzeHub had assisted Tidy Tots, they had seen a massive upswing in orders. This increase signaled Sandra’s need to intensify the manufacturing speed. Specifically, Tidy Tots had to quadruple …

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Vara Corporation

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FuzeHub Helps Vara Corporation Secure Manufacturing Grant The desire to re-imagine firearm safety spurred start-up company, Vara Corporation, to introduce their groundbreaking gun safe called Reach. Reach gives the option of portability while offering security without compromising ease-of-access. Vara’s rapid fingerprinting makes the unlocking of your handgun, as “simple as grab and go.” Summary VARA Corporation was referred to FuzeHub …


Fly Creek Cider Mill

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FuzeHub Helps Fly Creek Cider Mill with Funding & Workforce Development The Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard uses a historic, water-power press to turn New York State-grown apples into sweet cider, hard ciders, and fruit wines. Specialty food products, many of which are made right at the Mill, are also sold on-site at the Mill and through their online …



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FuzeHub Assists Jamboxx with Design Assistance & Workforce Development My Music Machines, Inc. (MMMI) is the inventor of Jamboxx, a hands-free electronic device that lets people with physical disabilities play a musical instrument. This technically innovative product also appeals to teachers, musicians, and hobbyists. Summary To meet consumer demand, MMMI needed to define the Jamboxx manufacturing process in a way …


Schrader Farms Meat Market

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FuzeHub Helps Schrader Farms Meat Market Secure Grant & Grow Business Schrader Farms Meat Market is a family-owned meat processing facility that is Animal Welfare Approved and USDA inspected. Founded in 2012, the Meat Market began as a way to process and sell the Schrader family’s own naturally-raised beef. Today, the business is expanding to satisfy demand not just from …


Reed Brook Meats

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FuzeHub Helps Reed Brook Meats with Business Expansion Reed Brook Meats is a custom meat-processor in Waverly, New York that harvests animals from local sources and supports farmers in the Southern Tier. Founded in 2003, this meat processing facility serves farmers who sell to neighbors, and also helps hunters who supply a local Venison Donation Program. Summary Reed Brook Meats …


Tidy Tots

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FuzeHub Helps Tidy Tots Diapers Expand Manufacturing & Sales Tidy Tots Diapers launched in June 2013 to manufacture environmentally-sensitive, user-friendly organic diapers that are based on patented technology. Summary Early sales via Amazon.com demonstrated the company’s promise, but Tidy Tots needed help to acquire new equipment, ramp up manufacturing and acquire additional market share within the $8-billion-per-year diaper industry.Tidy Tots’ …